Ainissa Ramirez


She’s a scientist (Bell Labs, LucentTechnologies), an Ivy League professor (Yale University), a Ph.D. (Stanford University) and prolific inventor (six patents, most notably the “UniversalSolder,” a high-tech bonding glue that binds both exotic and everyday materials—metals, glass, diamonds, silicon chips, semiconductors).  But Ainissa is best-known as one of the world’s foremost science communicators—a “science evangelist,” she says—with a message heard by millions.  Since 2012, she has appeared as a top technology expert on national and international media, including CBS News, CNN, NPR, ESPN, The New York Times and Fortune magazine.  The author of two books (Newton’s Football, published by Random House, and Save Our Science, published by TED Books), Ainissa has contributed to Time, Discover, and Scientific American magazines, blogged for The Huffington Post and Edutopia, and served as a science adviser for the American Film Institute, the Exploratorium museum in San Francisco, and the PBS television series NOVA.  Her directorship of Science Saturdays, Yale University’s award-winning science lecture series for children, and her widely-acclaimed TED talk, promoting STEM education, are all part of a mission to “make science fun.”  In 2003, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) named Ainissa one of “The World’s 100 Top Young Innovators” for her “contributions to transforming technology.”  She lives in New Haven, Connecticut.